Andrew James Commercial Grade Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

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With the Andrew James Commercial Grade Vacuum Sealer you are able to preserve meals and more at the touch of a button!

Whether you’re a home cook or grow a large number of produce, you’ll be able to know that every now and then there’s just too much food and you’ll be able to’t use it before it goes off.

But preserving your delicious meals or lovingly grown crops can be difficult. Not with our food sealer.

Housed in high quality stainless steel, our sealer comes with pre-set functions including:

Vacuum and Seal/Cancel

This function means that you can vacuum and seal your bag or cancel.


There are two options with vacuum normal or gentle. Normal will work at optimum vacuuming whereas gentle will allow you to preserve delicate foodstuffs.

Sealing time

Features the options: dry, moist and extended. The wetter your produce is, the more vacuuming it requires and this essential function alters the time according to the moisture content.


Ideal for all sous vide fans! Inject flavour into your meals with this function before popping them in the freezer or into your sous vide.

The sealer is fitted with LED lights which indicate the status of the sealer and a very special function which lets you make sealer bags from the 10m of food packaging provided.

Our twin seal system ensure protected, reliable seals are created, and the built in cutter means you’ll be able to generate bags with ease!

Not limited to food, this sealer is ideal for preserving treasured possessions such as documents, clothing, and jewellery.

With a vacuum pressure of -0.9 bar this sealer has superior air extraction and can vacuum 20L per minute!

Additional Information

Please note that embossed/channelled food packaging will have to be used with this machine

Keep food fresher for longer with the Andrew James Commercial Food Sealer, ideal for commercial or domestic use.
Can also be used to seal and protect valuable or delicate items such as jewellery, clothes, photographs and documents.
Compatible with canisters and featuring a storage compartment as well as a cable tidy function for your convenience. 10m of food packaging included.
Preserve flavour and texture, perfect for sous vide cooking.
Housed in prime quality stainless steel, this sealer is extremely easy to clean and maintain.