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How to choose the right gift

Choosing a gift, is one thing, but choosing the right gift is one of the most difficult things to do. How to choose the right gift then ?! 

Even though there is not a golden rule for this, GiftsGuru can help you. Have a look to what we recommend to do and know before you buy a gift.

1. What is the occasion.


Depending on the theme of the party and the age and gender of the host, different gifts would be recommended. You wont get a 13-year-old girl the same gift as to a 28-year-old man, of course. Think of the purpose of party. Are they getting married? Is it for their graduation? Knowing these things may already help you decide what to get. The present should be something they could use for the purpose of the event e.g. baby items for a baby birthday. Below are some sample ideas for different occasions. Try a few of these or think of your own.

A. Mom’s birthday/Mother’s Day.

Try jewelry, if she likes cooking, maybe a cookbook or some new kitchen gadgets, a book she’d love to read, a movie you can watch together, a new phone or some nice boots.


B.  Dad’s birthday/Father’s Day.

Get tickets to a sports game, a mug with a funny saying, a watch, renew his laptop.

Dads love to show off as well, so maybe you want to buy him a new pair of stylish boots


C. Teenager’s party. Get gift cards to the movies or to some of the stores that he likes to shop regulary, video-games, a T-shirt, a movie or maybe a new or refurbished camera so you can capture the best moments.

D. Gift for your friend. Get a photo frame for a picture of you two, a gift card to their favorite store, a magazine, a book, or some of the latest gadgets if he likes techonolgy.


  E.  Gift for a young child. Get a stuffed animal, an easy book, bubble blowers, crayons /markers, toy trucks, or barbies (or other toys).

  F. Baby parties. Get pajamas, bottles, blankets, books, toys, bibs, soaps, nursery lamp, or baby powder.


G. Wedding : Get cookware, a frame, a platter, ornaments, a wedding canvas, pillowcases, or any kind of appliances that the couple might need into their new home.




2. Find out what the person may want or need.


This could be the hardest part, but is possibly the most important. You’d want to get them something that is useful and something they like, right? Think of their interests. Are they into sports? Art? Reading? So how to choose the right gift ? Ask another person on what they are into. Ask their family, parent, or a friend of them to give some ideas without giving away the secret. Or, simply ask them if they have a wish list. Just ask for some ideas or ask what they like, but you can keep it a surprise if you want.

TIP : Have you heard them saying, “I could really use a ………..”, or “I can’t believe I lost/broke my……….” There’s a gift idea!

3. Set a budget.


Always set a budget. Once you start to get some gift options, make sure you aren’t paying too much or too little. The gift does not have to be expensive. It’s the intention that counts. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be paying too little either. If you’re low on cash, just get a 15 or 20 quid gift card to a place they like. Look online for how to choose the right gift, great deals, suggestion

4. Be creative and make a gift.


This has 2 positive reasons: if you’re low on cash and still want to know how to choose the right gift,  you don’t have to worry about spending a fortune, and it shows how much you care. This is especially great for family members. Instead of just buying a card and signing your name on it, why not make one yourself?  Gather up some photos of you and the person you are giving the card to, some markers, paper, stickers, and a few other items and you could make some of these things:

  • A scrapbook of your memories
  • A photo frame with a picture of you
  • An A-Z list of memories
  • A CD of a song you made together
  • A video of a dance you two made
  • Top 10 reasons why they’re the best
  • “Coupons” e.g. one free sleepover

 5. Get an “experience” gift, rather than a material gift.


These ones are great gifts. This might include tickets to a game or concert, a vacation, dance lessons, skydiving, and more. These could be expensive, but are great to give because they’ll usually teach them something new or maybe even be a life changing event. Don’t feel like you have to get one, but the receiver will be so happy that you got them an experience gift, they will always remember you and your gift !

6. Definitely look online.


There are so many deals online only, and some items are online only. Search up for how to choose the right gift, a gift you might want to get ,and see what pops up. Many times you won’t even have time to go shopping anyway, so it’s a good idea to browse online, try one of our stores: Look at ratings and reviews. You could get extra savings or maybe even a free gift, so consider buying the present online.


And remember, we are here to assist you and make sure you are buying the best gift possible for the occasion, so please get in touch if you need the GiftsGuru !

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Enjoy shopping with us !


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